Um, yes... we've had some work done.

Alright, you caught us! We've gone under the knife, and it shows. Our website has undergone a facelift. Slimmer nose, bigger cheekbones, puffier lips... yep, we're all new!

It had been four years since we'd updated our website. Just like a carpenter whose house is never finished, our website has been a side project that never ends. We're excited to finally show it to the world!

We need to direct your attention to our portfolio. We're very proud of the design, development, and print work we've done in the last few years, and now we can finally show it off. Our professional designers are providing outstanding value to our clients, and we're proud to showcase it!

In the same way, Monkeyhouse Marketing & Design continues to evolve with the needs of our clients. Our list of services is fully updated to reflect the full scope of marketing services we offer to our clients. We've never been in a better position to meet the marketing needs of our clients.

Our new website was constructed using Drupal - a Content Management System (CMS) that allows us to make easy changes to the content, images, portfolio items, blog entries, etc. We use Drupal for many of our clients - it is a robust, full-featured, open-source solution that gives our customers the ability to make website changes without dealing with website code.