Why Choose Monkeyhouse

Why Choose Monkeyhouse?

​We take pride in our award-winning reputation as a full-service design and marketing company specializing in creative print design, website design and development and e-marketing technologies. We have embraced trends in technology and the present-day demand for digital marketing resources. All of our work is performed in house by professional web- and print-designers and professional editors. As a result, our clients can expect a dedicated professional relationship and personal touch with our services. 

Why Work with a Creative Firm?

Handling your marketing and website projects internally can be expensive in terms of employing enough talented individuals to complete the project. By the time you hire writers, graphic designers, web developers and photographers, you will most likely feel the strain on your financial resources. If your project only requires a particular time duration, it just doesn't make sense to bring on new staff. As trends in the digital world are ever-changing, seeking an agency who specializes in the industry and has the proper resources, saves companies time and money. An outside agency can also offer you objectivity and a fresh perspective in the decision-making process. 

How We Work

Our Charges

Like all service organizations, our invoices are based on the time we invest in a project. Currently we bill our time at $100 per hour, well under what other firms of our quality and experience charge. Our goal is to provide professional marketing services at prices that will work within any budget. We always provide a detailed proposal and estimate for approval before starting a project. We adhere to our estimates unless project specifications change.


Laying The Foundation

The first thing we do after being assigned a project is schedule information-gathering meetings between our creative team and your key staff. We are interested not only in scheduling, budget and job specifications but also your preferences, target audience and objectives. While this helps you sharpen your focus and hone in on 

Although this process is somewhat time-consuming it is also crucially important. It will help you sharpen your focus and objectives, and it will help us ensure that what we produce is not only creatively excellent, but strategically targeted.


Developing The Right Ideas

Despite popular misconceptions, good creative work doesn’t often come in a flash of inspiration; it usually comes from trial and error. This is why we also need to take the time to consider several approaches, work them through and revise them.

We also need to schedule our workflow in a businesslike fashion, which is why we typically ask for up to two weeks, depending on the job’s complexity, before we submit our rough concepts for your review. Of course, if you have a rush project or deadline pressure we adjust our workflow and timing accordingly. 

It is our experience that it is best to present our rough concepts to your project manager and just one or two others. This ensures that we all stay focused on the problem and are not distracted by too many personal opinions. Our rough concepts convey what we believe is the best approach to take, taking into consideration your budget, schedule, objectives, and preferences. They are not so well-­developed, however, as to have wasted time and effort if we need a course correction.

After presenting, we’ll ask for comments. The more objective and specific you can be, the better we will be able to respond. Comments are our input for revising the rough concepts into a finished one. Once revisions are complete, we schedule a second presentation shortly thereafter. From the input at this second presentation, any refinements or additional needs are addressed.


Ensuring Your Satisfaction

We recommend the finished layout be routed to the appropriate decision makers for fact and detail checking only; reserving stylistic and subjective decisions to your project manager. To avoid costly confusion, it is also important that all communication efforts are routed through the project manager.

During the course of the project, our project manager keeps your project manager updated on the project’s progress. Activities that will affect the schedule or budget are identified in writing. Our goal is to keep your project moving ahead quickly, smoothly, and cost-­effectively--allowing us to ensure that we'll produce results that are above and beyond your expectations.