Working Smarter, Not Harder

Here’s the secret about this SEO process: we don’t want to rank for a single keyword, we want to rank for hundreds or thousands of keywords at the same time. We can do this with the exact same amount of work.

Smarter, not harder.

The magic happens when starting with keyword research. Choosing the right (or wrong) keywords to target at this stage can predict our entire probability of success.

Starting out, you probably have a guess which keywords you want to rank for, but are they the right ones? The biggest mistakes people make at this stage of keyword research are:

  1. Choosing keywords that aren’t specific enough (too broad)
  2. Choosing keywords with too much competition
  3. Keywords without enough traffic
  4. Keywords not relevant to your business
  5. Trying to rank for a single keyword at a time

By far, the biggest mistake is trying to rank for a single keyword at a time. People search for the same things in very different ways. Or they search in very specific ways. This represents the long tail of keyword research, and it can represent up to 80% of all search traffic.

You want to capture as much of that long tail as possible, while doing the same amount of work.

Think of it as the difference between fishing with a spear, versus fishing with a net. Fishing with a spear, we might capture a single fish – or none at all if we miss. But fishing with a net might catch dozens of fish with a single throw.

So instead of ranking for a single keyword, let’s start with a keyword seed that grows into a theme.

Mastering Long Tail Kewords