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Monkeyhouse is An Indiana Marketing Company Offering Branding Agency Services Across America.

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Why Monkeyhouse?

The foundation upon which Monkeyhouse built it’s amazing reputation centers around strategic branding and design. We offer branding agency services focuses on targeting numerous angles, helping businesses establish, maintain or expand their brand in every possible way. Evolve with us.

Evolve With Us!

Monkeyhouse design is custom, our strategies unique to your business — we work with you, our client to achieve goals and measure marketing impact on bottom-line growth.


Purpose - Brand Substance

Our Buyer Persona journalist interviews customers, prospects and staff to gather understand requirements, brainstorm, and gain clarity about your current brand position.

People - Brand Audience

Using existing customer data and customer interviews, we define the exact people you want to be speaking to clearly with all your brand communication in a way that resonates.


Positioning - Brand Differentiation

We conduct a top-level analysis of competitors to identify gaps, areas of opportunity, and key differentiators for positioning your business effectively in the market.

Personality - Brand Voice

People seek authentic, humanized brands with a clear story supported by an appropriate voice and tone that speaks to them in a relatable and recognizable way.

Point of View - Branding Messaging

Brand statements and core messaging framework allow you to work from the same playbook to define and execute strategic communication that will draw people in and grow.

Presentation - Brand Identity

Using your brand strategy as fuel, we’ll work with you to create a captivating visual identity and distinctive communication for your brand.

Monkeyhouse Marketing | Full Service Digital Agency | Best SEO

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