Leverage The Competition

Here’s a step many people miss: ranking for the hidden keywords your competition already ranks for.

No matter how smart you are, your competitors have already figured out—either by accident or design—which keywords are the most lucrative.

Instead of finding these lucrative keywords yourself through the long process of trial and error, it’s 1000 times easier simply to steal your competitor’s intelligence. (Most of the time, stealing is wrong, but we’ll let it slide in the case of competitive SEO.)

The basics work like this:

  1. Find the URLs of your competitors that already rank for your target keyword
  2. Find all the other related keywords that URL also ranks for in Google

These other related keywords are gold.

Unfortunately, Google won’t directly tell you what your competitors rank for, but a handful of 3rd party SEO tools do exactly that, making the work much easier. Here’s what this data looks like in Keyword Explorer.