List It Out: Evolve Your Keyword Theme

Next, we want to grow our keyword seed into a keyword theme, comprised of many related keywords grouped together.

Using keyword themes presents us with much larger opportunities. Instead of ranking for a single Holy Grail keyword, a better goal is to rank for multiple keywords focused around a single idea. Done right, the results are amazing.

Simply put, the more long-tail keywords our webpage ranks for, the more qualified traffic search engines will send it.

Creating lists typically involves using a combination of Google and keyword tools (either free or paid) to find all the related keywords to your keyword seeds.

Typically, your list contains keywords with greater specificity. Your goal at this stage is to find keywords that are not only specific but also relevant to your business and have enough search volume to justify targeting.

For example, if our foundation keyword was “motorcycle jacket” we might find the following related keywords.

evolve theme keywords

Each of these new keywords supports our seed keyword, and gives us a ton of new content ideas. If the related keywords seem like they can support enough traffic, they may even become new seed keywords themselves.

Here’s why this works: by targeting a slightly broader keyword theme comprised of multiple, closely related keywords, our chances of ranking for these keywords actually increases dramatically.