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Based in Northern Indiana with a satellite office in Southwest Florida, the Monkeyhouse team is blended with young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs and seasoned industry experts who are relentless in their efforts to help brands and people succeed online and beyond. #evolvewithus

Brittani Shields, VP Operations
Jonathan Kitchens, Social Media
Elizabeth Walters, Accounts Manager
Margaret McCarthy, Sr. Graphic Designer
Nich Cruise, VP Sales
Rob Rohena, President
Coming soon!
Junior Developer
Denise Federow, Journalist
Raquel Espinosa, HR Consultant
Janell Rohena, Advisor
Ashok Sanghavi, Mentor
Former owner MonkeyhouseDenise Crowel, Advisor
Tony Rose, Esq
Merle Schrock, CPA
Greg Hire, Advisor



Rob Rohena, President

Elizabeth Walters, Accounts Manager

Nich Cruise, VP Sales


Brittani Shields, VP Operations

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