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We specialize on WP website. Here’s why:

, is not the same as Instead, it offers unparalleled options for customization of web design and provides support for the integration of e-commerce, Hubspot CRM,  Askimet Spam Filtering, PayPal, and Yoast SEO.

All of these tools are important to have if you want your Warsaw website to rank well on Google, drive traffic, and safely convert webpage visitors into leads, sales, and/or customers.

And, all these tools are compatible. Making updates faster, transactions safer, and modifications to your website more cost-effective than Drupal, Shopify, Weebly or Wix.

Evolve With Us!

Monkeyhouse Marketing’s design is custom. We use Adobe Illustrator to create a unique and personally image for your business. After up to 2 revision if needed, your custom web design is ready for development. Here’s our process:



We meet with you at your location of choice; [remote or in-person.] Next, our Inbound Marketing Consultant will ask and listen carefully to your challenges, opportunities, pain points and needs.

Phase II

Upon custom web design approval, we set-up a secure WP and DIVI test site for coding and web development. We offer up to 2 revisions prior to incurring additional cost, however, 2 revisions are rarely needed.

SOW & Proposal

Armed with business insights you have provided, our Inbound Marketing Consultant shares their findings with the operations team. Together, a scope of work and proposal to prepared and presented.

Phase III

Once you approve, we transfer domain, set-up secure cloud-based hosting with backups and SSL. Then, your new custom website is launched and tested. Finally, we submit the URL to search engines for crawling.


Phase I

Once approved, our graphic designers begin a custom web design on .AI, and present it in .PDF format. We offer up to 2 revisions prior to incurring additional cost, however, 2 revisions are rarely needed.


We offer up to 2 hours of training. Some clients prefer to be trained to make small changes such as employee images, seasonal text, and managing inventory. Others, simply ask Monkeyhouse to make all the changes for them.

Warsaw Indiana Web Design Company

Warsaw, Indiana Web Design

Our office is located in the home of the Black Crunch Panthers of Nappanee. Yet, we proudly partner on projects with our neighbors to the South in the land of the Warsaw Tigers just 25 minutes away.

Warsaw Indiana Web Marketing Client
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Monkeyhouse Marketing | Full Service Digital Agency | Best SEO

A Web Design Company Near Warsaw, Indiana.

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How does a website help our sales team?

Great question. Simply answered, “Sales Enablement”.

Using Hubspot Sales software and Hubspot CRM, Monkeyhouse Marketing is able to provide your sales team with the information, content and tools necessary to engage target prospects.

Evolve with us, and ask about Sales Enablement for your Kosciusko County located business today. (574) 329-9022

Why choose Monkehouse for my Warsaw web design?
Monkeyhouse Gets Results

We deliver more than a beautiful custom website. If you need to improve your Google search ranking or increase traffic to your website, we are the only agencies within the Kosciusko County region that consistantly delivers positive results.

  • As BenchmarkOne, Hubspot, and Google partners we have access to large industry related networks of white-hat backlink traffic.
  • For Star Fleet Trucking, we decrease Paid Ad cost by 61%, while increasing qualified leads by 21%.
  • Jayla’s Flowers generated 40% increase in web sales via our Google Business lists and e-Commerce store strategy in 5 months.
  • AMG Bolting Solutions experienced, 72% more leads and 17% higher spending per sale.

Monkeyhouse Marketing practices Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is streamlined and focused approach allowing you to work smarter. With a strong strategy, industry-leading software and buyer insights, we have the tools to target your audience and serve them with the information they’re searching for. By increasing interest and brand awareness, we pull qualified leads into the pipeline and send them to your sales team when they are most ready to buy.

At Monkeyhouse, we ask you to “evolve with us”. We abreast of all the best practices for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Our graphic designs, web developers, and marketing strategist work hard to build you a fast, mobile-friendly site that meets all of Google’s expectations, and then delivers the results you expect, need, and want.

Let’s discuss your Warsaw web design and marketing goals today; (574) -329-9022.

How can our Warsaw website generate more traffic?
This is a question we commonly get. However, it is not always website traffic that is the issue. Web design, web marketing, and web sales all need to be built around your business processes and goals.

At Monkeyhouse, we don’t just throw together a website and hope for the best. We follow a proven method for increasing your website traffic.

  • An Optimized Website (Keywords, SEO content, Google and Mobile Friendly)
  • High-Quality Content and Content Services (No Fluff, No Spam, Just Good Information)
  • A Strategic Web Marketing Plan (Social Media, Advertising, Email Marketing)

First and foremost, you need a Growth driven website design that loads quickly, looks beautiful and meets the needs of the customer. A methodical approach to web design that focuses on real impact, with continuous analyzation and optimization. Creating a fully functional site is where Monkeyhouse web developers and web designers bring their ripest bananas to play.

In many cases, your website is the first exposure a prospective client has to your business. First impressions can make the difference between a lifelong customer and one who walks away.

Next, you need SEO and content that appeals to both your clients and to the search engines. There is absolutely no point to a well-written article if your customers can never find it. You need a results-driven strategy based on the research nd analysis of the keywords your audience is using. Monkeyhouse team of content marketing and content services experts specializes in getting your material ranked on the first page of Google search results. To do this we help you develop an optimal keyword strategy and provide content writing services attached with strategic call to actions.

Finally, every business needs an Inbound Marketing [web marketing] plan. Since each of our clients is unique, cookie-cutter plans won’t work.

Instead, based on our goals and objectives, we help you build and nurture campaigns. Campaign strategies help create an ongoing dialogue with qualified prospects and existing customers. Since 2005, client across America have taken advantage of Monkeyhouse’s years of experience to gain new customers and avoid losing important accounts.

Let Monkeyhouse help you with your search engine marketing.

Contact Us for more information on how you can build a profitable website. And, Evolve with us. (574) 329-9022

Is there a way to shorten lead times online?

Absolutely, yes, si.

Thanks to our partnership with the industries leading Sales & Marketing platform, Hubspot, we at Monkeyhouse can help shorten lead times.

Coupled with actionable strategies from Monkeyhouse Marketing that shorten the sales cycle by showing contacts the right message at the right time, Hubspot is the best Marketing Automation software to achieve your goals and objectives.

Whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, simplify your processes, or build a powerful website, HubSpot has a solution to help you grow better.

Evolve with us today, (574) 329-9022.


If SEO is so great why do I need Paid Ads?

SEO & Content done right are great.

Paid Ad should not be used like a blanket billboard. Instead, it is targeted, so you are able to showcase premium content, enhance brand awareness, drive relevant traffic and increase revenue by placing ads on channels where our audience lives and conversion rates are higher.

As Google Partners and Outbrain Certified Specialist, Monkeyhouse is able to place Paid Media subscriptions at 61% less than what you are paying now.

Evolve with us and save. (574) 329-9022

Is email marketing good for driving traffic?

Done correctly, email marketing is a valuable tactic to compliment your Inbound Marketing strategy.

When using email marketing, it is always best to leverage machine intelligennce to creat personalized experiences that meet your contacts’ needs.

At Monkeyhouse we work with MailChimp [go figure], but we strongly recommend and perfer Hubspot CRM for Inbound Marketing.

Evolve with us, and discover how email marketing can help your Kosciucko County located business today. (574) 329-9022



How can I use my website to close bigger sales?

Using your growth driven website built by Monkeyhouse and powered by Hubspot, we will help you develop an Account Based Marketing strategy to close bigger sales.

Account Based Marketing efforts target individual companies or customers until they convert and generate X times revenue.

Learn more about Account Based Marketing for our Warsaw, Indiana company. Evolve with us (574) 329-9022

Do you help set-up Hubspot?

Yes,Monkeyhouse helps with Hubspot Onboarding

Get the most out of your Hubspot investment by laying the foundation with the proper technical setup and following through with a strategic direction.

Evolve with us. (574) 329-9022

Need a new website for your Kosciusko County, Indiana business? Reach out to Monkeyhouse today!