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Website Design Process

Production & Scheduling

One of the first things we do in-house is use the software program to map out a schedule for completing your website project on time and on budget.

Tasks are assigned on each required step and prioritized in order of importance.

You are notified after the completion of each critical step. In the event of an unexpected delay, we will notify and discuss the options with you.

Website building production and scheduling at Monkeyhouse
Website building production and scheduling at Monkeyhouse

Site Map, Custom Design & Feedback

Once the production schedule is finalized and approved by you, we create a website map, which will act as a development guide as well as a content checklist. Details of the site design and inspiration will be discussed.

Part of creating the best layout within the design involves understanding your buyer personas, goals of your website, and the plugin elements your site will be utilizing.

Up to 2 rounds of design revisions are included. Additional design revisions will be billed hourly.

Unlike traditional web designers who create high cost PSD files to hand off to a web developer for conversion into code, we manually build 95% of your website within simple CMS using the design you have approved unto Divi.

Initial Keyword Research

Now that we have a layout and custom web design selected, we begin to think about the buyer’s journey for your industry. We use buyer persona and data from Think with Google to determine the best keywords to build homepage content around.

We divide your keywords into three groups:

  • Just looking
  • Comparing
  • Buy to Ready.

Then, we place content accordingly. This method allows us to track and monitor user behavior on your site better.

Web design keyword selection
Coding your Indiana web sign

Coding & Content

Your navigational structure coding will resemble your keyword groups. However, we will also add secondary and long-tail keyword groups into subcategories of primary groups.

This will help search spiders crawl your website, as well as, make it easier for visitors to drill down into the areas they find most interesting at their point of interest for each visit.

Using the site map as a guide, content and photography will be developed or obtained. Until all content and photography is obtained by Monkeyhouse, no further development will occur. We will not proceed until we have written approval.

Upon content receipt, Monkeyhouse will develop beginning round 1 of development of the website home page and any other uniquely functioning pages that will require design approval.

Web Development & Content Entry

Next, Monkeyhouse will begin to develop the coding, structure and form of the website.  We begin by building one section of the site at a time in the order listed on the approved sitemap.

Mobile CSS, viewports, social media icons, blog subscription forms, and fancy features like sliders, parallax, and ecommerce are implemented and adjusted during this phase.

Content and photography will be entered into the pages and the site will be tested internally.

Warsaw Web Design Content Entry Monkeyhouse
SEO Web development - Search Engine Websites

Coding & Content

Upon completion of development and content entry, Monkeyhouse will upload the website in a test environment for review. Client may access the website and test its look and functionality and provide feedback and revision guidelines. Up to 2 rounds of final revisions are included – additional revisions will be billed hourly.

Most sites we build have extra plugins and software tools that allow for better performance and usability of the website. The most common plugin we recommend is Yoast SEO.

SEO, Test, Train, and Go Live

We will go back through every page and ensure each one of your pages and post are as SEO friendly as possible without sounding too much like a canned message.

Upon completion of all integrations and development we run a few tests, get your final approval and launch the website designed specifically for your business.

Warsaw Web Design Content Entry Monkeyhouse

A Glimpse of our past projects

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We build and design websites based on client needs, not our sales quotes.

For small web projects with limited budgets, [ $2,500 – $5,000 ], we recommend semi-custom web designs. 

For larger projects with budgets greater than $5,000, we recommend fully-custom websites.

Semi-Custom WebsitesFully- Custom Websites