Web Development

Website Design

Your website is the face of your business. Visitors will make immediate impressions about your professionalism and quality of work based on your website design. Why not make a great first impression?

At Monkeyhouse, our professionally-trained designers know how to incorporate your target audience, your objectives, and your branding elements into a usable, beautiful, functional custom website. Our designers work with you to understand your business and your goals, so your new website is a perfect reflection of your business. No cheap, cookie-cutter web design here - everything we do is original, custom work created specifically with you in mind.

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Content Management (CMS)

Making changes to your website can be difficult. With a Content Management System (CMS), you will have the power to make changes on your own! Who wants to pay a web developer every time a small change needs to be made?

Content Management Systems are websites constructed with flexibility in mind. Monkeyhouse can build a website you can change by yourself, without the help of a developer. You could change content, pictures, and other elements using a simple login. Anyone who can use Microsoft Word has the skills to make easy changes to a website! Monkeyhouse works with popular, open source platforms such as Drupal, Wordpress, and others.

Monkeyhouse can build you a website with the flexiblity to grow with your growing business.


Successful e-commerce solutions can introduce your business to a national market and allow you to compete on equal footing with large competitors. Selling products and services online (e-commerce) is often the easiest way to grow a business. Combined with effective SEO and Internet Marketing, e-commerce solutions can dramatically increase sales!

Trust Monkeyhouse to build an e-commerce solution that adds value to your business! We specialize in building successful e-commerce solutions, from opening strategy to launching the website. Focusing on popular open-source platforms such as Magento and OpenCart, Monkeyhouse can develop the right e-commerce solution for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines such a Google and Bing are the front door of the internet, and your website should be optimized for keywords related to your business. After all, what good is a great website if no one sees it?

In order to bring high volume and highly relevant traffic to your website, let Monkeyhouse create an SEO campaign that optimizes your website for the search terms your customers are looking for. Monkeyhouse understands how proper architecture, well written content, and relevant back-links create a matrix of variables that will elevate your website to Google’s page 1!

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Social Media

Sorry Gramps, it’s not just for the kiddies anymore! Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, & Pinterest are relevant to your customers, and therefore relevant to your business. Social Media is one of the fastest growing segments in advertising, and provides a fantastic resource to drive relevant traffic to your website.

Any aggressive online marketing campaign will include advertising in Social Media, and we strongly recommend Social Media integration with every new website we create. People are social, and they are strongly influenced by their friends; shouldn’t your business meet them where they are?

App Development

Mobile Apps aren’t just for large businesses; in fact, small and medium sized businesses are building more mobile apps than ever! If your business has a loyal, dedicated customer base that is likely to interact with your business, a mobile app might be a fantastic way to serve your customers and build customer retention.

At Monkeyhouse, we understand the particulars of designing, developing, and publishing your mobile app to iTunes and the Android Market (Google Play).  

Web Hosting

Although your website is accessed in cyberspace, there is an actual physical component to it: the servers that store your website files. Web Hosting is the rent you pay in order to have your website stored on a server and available online.

The reliability of your email, the page load speed of your website pages, and the frequency that your website goes “down” are all related to the quality of your web hosting. Although there are $5 options out there, you get what you pay for. Trust a local company with dedicated servers to ensure that your web presence is consistent. At Monkeyhouse, we provide hosting for our website clients to ensure their online marketing presence is always exceptional.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

You’ve built a strong business with dedicated customers. That’s great! Now keep them engaged. A monthly newsletter goes a long way towards keeping your customers interested and your business top-of-mind. Online services such as MailChimp & Constant Contact give small businesses the ability to reach their customers with enterprise-level communications.

Monkeyhouse can help streamline your communication efforts. We integrate almost all our new websites with e-marketing technologies that allow our clients to build databases of interested, loyal customers. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / PPC Management

A focused online marketing effort always includes Pay Per Click (PPC) ads using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, or Microsoft AdCenter (Bing). Search Engine Marketing is one of the most focused and relevant forms of advertising available today!

At Monkeyhouse, we are a Google Engage trained agency, ready to maximize your advertising budget online. We provide outstanding AdWords PPC management so you can focus on what you do best; run your business. We have the tools to create the most relevant ads, monitor your competition, and guarantee that your advertising budget is creating customers!

Website Content Writing

You know what it should say... but it's not easy to actually write it out. Allow Monkeyhouse to help you find your voice!

Great messaging is important to your website. Poor punctuation and grammar, thin content, too much content, run-on sentences... don't let your website fall victim to these problems. Monkeyhouse has professional content writers with years of experience that can discuss your business and create the right content. Customers will make judgements about the professionality of your business based on what they read; allow Monkeyhouse to take this responsibility off your plate!