Copy Anxiety: the hesitancy you feel before you click publish

Do you have copy anxiety? Copy Anxiety is the feeling the comes when you are about to publish a version of your new sales website or when you are about to send out a new email to your newsletter list and you pause… ‘What if this isn’t good enough?’, you say to yourself. ‘What if it’s boring and my audience doesn’t care?’ You steady yourself and with a trembling finger, you click the publish button. Then go have a glass of scotch and hope for the best.

What do marketing and drug trials have in common?

Recently, I read a research paper entitled "Bayesian Statistics and the Efficiency and Ethics of Clinical Trials".
The article asks a few interesting questions about clinical drug trials. As I pondered, I discovered a correlation between trails and website / marketing experimentation.
Let me explain:
Clinical trials are experiments conducted during clinical research; such as pharmaceutical drug research.
When a company develops a new drug to benefit to society, one step in the process is to actually test the drug.

Social Media

The results are in and social media is just as relevant as ever. It's imperative to use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a powerful resource that drives traffic to your website. As part of our online campaign, we strongly encourage you to incorporate a social media strategy into your website. It's time consuming and requires drafting meaningful posts. Don't have time for social media? Monkeyhouse will design a campaign that will help you deliver shareable, brandable content that users will engage in. 

WooCommerce the Best Option for WordPress Websites

Whether you’re new to the world of eCommerce, or you’ve been using some type of digital sales platform for years, it’s important to know as much as possible about the different eCommerce resources available.


On paper, the most popular eCommerce platform is WooCommerce, with over 53,000,000 downloads - that’s a lot of online shopping!


Build a Better Marketing Plan with a Strong Social Media Strategy

Most businesses, big and small, recognize that some kind of social media presence is important. Unfortunately, far too many of these businesses don’t realize how important that presence is. As a result, everything from small businesses to large corporations aren’t reaching their full audience.

5 Types of Emails to Enhance Your Customers Relationships

Would you believe it if a told you that after word-of-mouth marketing, email marketing represents the most successful sales tools.

That's right, since 1971 when the the first email was it has grown to become the strongest way to attract prospects and engage your customers.  Used strategically email marketing will grow your blog subscription 31X faster than a non-boosted Facebook Business post.

Best of all, email is the key to growing a business while also nurturing potential customers.

Understanding Your Site’s Audience Better Than Ever Before

Running a successful website is about more than just good design and well-written content. While these elements are important, they only represent one side of the equation in the relationship between you and your readers.

3 Quick Wins to Improve Your Nonprofit's Website

Not every marketing success comes from a big campaign. When you're a nonprofit operating under budget constraints, big campaigns aren't always even an option. Sometimes, it's the little tweaks that can yield a boost in results. In some cases, the tweaks correct an issue that's been holding your website back.

We're going to dive into three areas where you can make some quick changes that can kick off strong change. 

1) Maximizing Your SEO Strategy

Website Goals: Using Google Analytics To Measure What Matters for Success

As a digital marketing and web design agency, we get the privilege of having lots of conversations with clients around the idea of website goals. We harp on goals because simply having a website is not enough – almost two-thirds of small businesses now have websites. Just owning some real estate on the web won’t move the needle very far. Your website has to be working for you.

Setting out to create or redesign your website without clear goals will set yourself up for mediocrity.