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9 Steps To Lead Your Troop Online.

Did you know? A group of monkey can be referred to as a troop, barrel, a carload, a cartload, or a tribe. Monkeyhouse prefers “troop”, because it sound more patriotic. And, yes — all our work in done in America.

1: Unify Brand Messaging

You might be creating brand confusion for customers and prospects. From persona building to brand identity strategy. Tame your wild brand.

2: Align Brand & Sales Resources

Align your brand message with your brand(s) design. Gather your marketing tool kit. Evolve your brand(s) by creating consistency everywhere.

3: Create A Growth-Driven Website

Most web companies build you a website, make occasional updates when you ask and that’s it. Combine; WP + Hubspot to create a tall and strong, Tree Swinging Website.

4: Establish Basic Digital Relevance

Content [ebooks, blogs, video, webinars] is used to attract ideal clients. Use journalists and monkeybot bloggers to curate a library of appealing and compelling content.

5: Optimize Digital Relevance | SEO

Now, you have great content, but how do people find it? Search engine optimization of your content is key to being found on Google. Go Apes. Optimize everything!

6: Leverage Social Media

Show a human-side to your monkey business. it’s an important social tactics. Howlers, see this video of George hitting that tree again!

7: Enhance Email Marketing

Earned the trust of a troop of monkeys? Use email to serve them more fully. Tools we prefer are Hatchbuck, Hubspot, or Mailchimp.

8: Accelerate Performance

Capture demand from those ready to buy. In today’s digital marketplace it is a must, use Hubspot Ads to dangle the sweetest bananas in front of leads.

Worklife Balance

Set up and manage a pipeline that matches the way you sell in real life. Teach baboons how to use tools and eat bananas for a lifetime.

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We are so confident in our ability to help your business achieve its goals, we will set you with the Hubspot tools you need for success whether you hire us or not. Now, it is your turn to be brave!

Success Stories

Search of Zotefoam Distributor or Fire Retardant Foam. In an instant you’ll see what Monkeyhouse has done for our website. They’ve created premium content that brings in tons of SEO leads.

Leon H.

Marketing Director, Worldwide Foam

It took less than 6 months to outrank FTD, Teleflora, 800-flowers and my local floral design competitors. Thank you Monkeyhouse!

Jayla R.

SMB Owner, Jayla's Flowers

After $1000 a month spent for 2 years with other companies and zero results, AMG Bolting Solutions had been very happy with the SEO and content marketing services Monkeyhouse for over 4 years. They’ve helped us land very large accounts. Both companies are awesome!

Alan G.

Principal Owner, AMG Bolting Solutions

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