Traditional advertising and marketing has faded into a thing of the past. New technology, new media and new ideas dominate the marketing industry, leaving many businesses unaware of the current trends and contemporary avenues to explore. Monkeyhouse provides consultation services to clients that create, execute and deliver a compelling strategy. Our consistent integration in the industry can save you time, resources and money.
Rely on us to create a customized marketing and advertising plan that is tailored for your business, your budget and your target audience.
Establishing an attention-getting, memorable identity in the digital realm is a process that begins at design and ends in results. Monkeyhouse will bring your brand to life by exalting your company’s core values, culture and personality.
Monkeyhouse has a solid grasp on the inner sanctum of the news media and how to capture their attention because our staff comes from that world. We can help your business tap into the power of both digital and print media with compelling news releases.
Communicate directly to targeted consumers through email, promotional letters, fliers, catalog distributions and much more. We will help launch your campaign by helping you develop a target database and figuring out how to effectively reach them with a measurable call to action.
There’s a delicate art to media buying, negotiating, and placement, and we have the background to adequately assist your relationship with the media. Working with your budget, we can advise on which type of media to pursue, what hard-hitting message to deliver and where to place it to reach your audience.
Let our industry knowledge and confidence work for you as we persistenly negotiate on your behalf.Working with your budget, we advise on the type of media to pursue, the hard-hitting message to deliver and where to place it to reach your audience.